AABA - Shedding light on darker practices
AABA - Working for an open and democratic society

Are you concerned about the narrowness of public choices? Are you concerned about the way organised interests have colonised the public space to advance their narrow interests? Are you concerned about the excesses of insolvency practitioners, audit failures, lack of democracy at work, poverty wages. Are you concerned about the 'visible hand' of accountancy practices in losses of jobs, investments, savings, pensions and environmental degradation? Do you wish that someone would challenge the prevailing orthodoxies, disseminate competing views and develop alternative policies?

To facilitate wider dialogue and to give visibility to the issues which are marginalised, the Association for Accountancy & Business Affairs (AABA), a non-profit making company limited by guarantee (company number 3480632) has been registered.

AABA is an independent organisation. It is not a commercial organisation and does not seek any commercial sponsorship. It is devoted to broadening public choices. It will publish pamphlets and papers to advance alternative analysis and public policy reforms. It will be funded entirely from donations and subscriptions from individuals concerned to make the world a better place.

AABA trustees are: Professor Christine Cooper , Mr. Jim Cousins, Professor Colin Haslam, Professor Prem Sikka and Professor Hugh Willmott .

AABA's  principal objects are:

(i) to advance the public interest by facilitating critical scrutiny of commercial and non-commercial organisations inter alia companies, partnerships, sole traders, public bodies, local authorities, charities, non-profit making organisations and any other form of commercial or non-commercial organisation;

(ii)  to facilitate critical scrutiny of professional bodies, regulatory bodies, employer organisations, employee organisations, government departments and business organisations;

(iii)  to campaign for such reforms as will help to secure greater openness and democracy, protect and further the rights of stakeholders and to make disclosures where necessary;

(iv) to engage in education and research to further public awareness of the workings, the social, political and the economic role of accountancy and business organisations.

You can help by making a donation and/or by becoming a member (click here). The annual membership (from 1st January to 31st December following) is only £10.

Under licence and subject to a written agreement, educational organizations can also print unlimited number of  copies of AABA monographs for an unlimited period. Please inquire for details.

Association for Accountancy & Business Affairs.